It can be used as table of contents in scroll landing pages, articles, ebooks and every long pages. It can be used also as standard navigation without scrolling.

Supported browsers

Works on every standard and mobile browsers and it works even on IE7! ( IE6 not tested )

Responsive design

IcoRoll supports every modern browser also on mobile devices, it supports mobile touch events. For a smaller browser window height than the height of menu it shows navigation buttons.

It supports dragging menu by touch event and supports two navigation buttons - up and down, everything works on mobile devices.

Check out awesome behavior of this script on mobile device by entering this page on your phone or tablet.

Easy theme changing

One commented css file for theme change, menu, tooltip colors and icon size. If You don't know css, don't worry documentation will guide You step by step how change menu look.


  • Set left or right menu position
  • Set minimum screen width for show/hide menu button
  • Change colors - in commented small css
  • Maximum scrolling time for page height ( it calculates speed for distance between sections )
  • Set menu items ( no limited amount )
  • Integrated with icomoon icons but can be used with different icon packs
  • Enable/Disable back button and set default back button text
  • Set default tooltip text and set every one tooltip text by data-title attribute
  • Supports external links ( in this example facebook menu element is an external link)
  • Set menu items spacing ( check out this example - Menu spacing)
  • Can be used as standard navigation without scrolling ( check out this example - Standard Navigation)

What you get in package

  • IcoRoll javascript and css file
  • Two example css themes - dark and bright
  • Default icommon icons package, thanks that You can start using it right away after buying
  • Documentation with examples

Uses icomoon font icons

With over 3800 free and open source icons available in IcoMoon's library, and by allowing you to import your own vectors, this service is far ahead of any similar one. You can create you own icon pack on - and use it with scroll navigator.

Supports browser history

In modern browsers it uses browser history so clicking back in browser will trigger scroll to previous menu element.